Vitamin D – A Powerful Vitamin For Diabetics

Natural Vitamin d

 We already know very well that vitamin D is important to sustaining optimal health. There has been much talk about vitamin D and what it can do for the average individual, but now it would seem that it offers diabetics even more benefits.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that is fat soluble. Unfortunately, it is not found in most of the foods we tend to eat on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it’s quite common for many of us to run deficient.

While your body can manufacture vitamin D if you are exposed to natural sunlight, most of us simply aren’t getting natural sunlight in large enough quantities each day. Even if we are, we really shouldn’t overdo sun exposure because the risk of skin cancer will increase.

Fortunately, supplementation with vitamin D is quick and easy, so that is the route that most people will take.

When you are taking in optimal amounts of vitamin D, it can:

  1. Help to strengthen your immune system
  2. Promote stronger bones and a reduced risk of stress fractures
  3. Help to support optimal cardiovascular health
  4. Support good brain health and function
  5. Help to reduce your risk of illness
  6. Assist with the regulation of insulin levels and help you manage your diabetes better

What’s really key here is that it appears that those who intake the highest levels of vitamin D (within safe levels, of course), were more likely to notice increased insulin sensitivity in their muscle tissue and also showed an improved level of functioning of their beta cells, which are the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. With these two factors at play, this can really help you get control over your diabetes and prevent any worsening of your situation.

This illustrates that while you may not be able to completely cure your diabetes, you can take charge and prevent it from getting any worse, potentially even improving your situation down the road.

Don’t ever let yourself feel helpless in the fight against diabetes. Instead, know that you hold the power if you make wise decisions.

Aim to supplement with between 1000 and 4000 IUs per day of vitamin D.

Are you taking a vitamin D supplement? If so, how much do you take? Please we would love to have your comment below.

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