The Health “Facts” You Must Not Joke With

Every day, we are exposed to a wide variety of different health ‘ truths”. Some of these shake up to be correct and they will help us on our journey. Others actually end up being incorrect and if you believe them, you’re going to be led astray.

It can be hard to decipher between actual fact and fiction unless you have a diverse background in health already.

To help make things a bit easier on you, let’s take a look at a few of the key health ‘facts’ that will help you get yourself on the right path.

Health “Fact” #1: Eliminate Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is something that gets a very bad rap in the nutrition industry with people everywhere avoiding it. Diabetes or not, we’ve been told that we should not be consuming saturated fat in any amount.

The problem with this is that you actually do need some saturated fat to stay healthy. The key is eating natural sources of saturated fat (such as from meats, dairy, and butter) and staying away from the saturated fat that comes from heavily processed sources (potato chips, pies, and pastries).

Whenever possible, eat naturally occurring foods. If you live by this rule, you’ll be living a better life, period.

Saturated fat should be kept in moderation, but you certainly do not need to avoid it entirely.

Health “Fact” #2: Avoid All Simple Carbs

Another fact that you’ll want to get straight is that you must avoid all simple carbohydrates. Again, this isn’t so. Simple carbs just mean they break down quicker in the body. Now for a diabetic, this is a serious business. You don’t want too many simple carbs in your diet or that can spell trouble. But fruit is considered a simple carb for instance and it’s a perfectly healthy addition to your diet plan.

The trick is moderation and then making sure that you consume your simple carbohydrates with protein or fat. This is what will, at the end of the day, help keep your blood glucose levels more stable.

Health “Fact” #3: Track Your Calorie Intake For Bodyweight Control

You may have also heard that tracking your calories is the best way to help better control your body weight. And while tracking your calories is good in a sense because it allows for precision, it’s not that great for that very same reason. The problem is that many people are not that precise and they may under or overestimate their calorie intake, providing misleading results.

Additionally, remember that you don’t do the same things every single day. Some days you move more. Other days you move less. This all impacts your total calorie burn and therefore calorie intake.

It’s good to both track calories, but also learn to self regulate to some degree. This means that if you are having an extra hungry day, go with it. Don’t be afraid to eat a bit more. But by the same right, if you’re not feeling that hungry and have a meal scheduled, don’t feel pressed to eat. It’s okay if you eat less – maybe you need fewer calories that day after all.

Health “Fact” #4: Exercise Your Way To A Slimmer Body

Finally, the last health fact that isn’t really a fact is that exercising is the best way to slim down your body. While exercise will certainly help, nutrition plays a bigger role. So if you’re going to emphasize something, emphasize nutrition instead.

How many of these ‘facts’ are you paying attention to? Please leave your comment below.

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