Our Body’s Natural Daily Rhythm Cycle

There are biological rhythms within the body that dictate periods of tissue repair, tissue growth, waste elimination. Healing occurs in cycles. Some days the body has a high-energy level and it rebuilds damaged tissues. On such days, we may feel great. On other days, the body must do its detoxification and remove accumulated toxins. When this happens, we may experience low levels of energy or even mild depression.

The body goes through increased detoxification and healing crisis with every change of season, which explains why people seem to get sick at those particular times of the year. Fasting for 7-10 days with each seasonal change is a way to help the body during these natural times of cleansing.

Our body runs through three 8-hour cycles per day? Our bodies go through these cycles every 24 hours, each and every day. By gearing our daily food intake according to these cycles, as well as correctly combining foods, we will experience much improved all round health which for most include less fatigue and normalization of our weight.

Our human bodies go through 3 major cycles each day. Each cycle last for approximately 8 hours thus:

> 4.30am – 12.00noon: Detoxification Cycle

> 12.00noon – 8.00am: Nurishing Cycle

> 8.00am – 4.00am Repair Cycle

During the Detoxification Cycle, the body is trying to eliminate toxins and clean house. So the best thing to supply your body at this time is fluid. This will enhance and help this house-cleaning
phase. If you eat a heavy meal in the morning, you divert the body from its main job. Digestion of the heavy meal now takes over. The implication is that you will have excess toxin locked up in your
body. Toxins cause disease. Breakfast should be either freshly
extracted vegetable or fruit juice never drink packaged and processed juices. The alternative to juice is fresh fruits. Most fruits will digest within 30 minutes.

Nourishing cycle

Your heavy meals should be eaten during the 2nd phase (Nourishing cycle). Your body is ready at this time to deal with the food you put into your body. They must be healthy food items anyway. No junk food is permitted. Remember, cooked food should be limited to once a day. Fresh and raw foods should dominate your diet. This is how to reverse and beat disease hands down. Vegetarianism is the best path to recovery and robust health.

Repair Cycle

During phase 3 (repair cycle), your body is trying to repair all the wears and tears caused by the day’s activities. Your God-given marvelous body can heal itself if you allow it to do its job. This is why you mus be in bed latest by 9.30pm. The best and deepest sleep occurs between 11.00pm and 1.00am. At this time, your body is healing itself and repairing damages. You must not eat your supper late. The ideal time to eat your last meal of the day is between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. If you eat too late into the night, your body will be busy digesting the food while you are sleeping and the repair work will will be suspended. You will find yourself waking up tired after a long night sleep. Sometimes, fermentation, putrefaction, and constipation results.

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