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Manipulating misaligned bones of the spine by a chiropractor can improve health by influencing nerves associated with other parts of the body. Chiropractic theory states that skeletal and joint misalignments caused by accidents, strains, poor posture and stress are responsible for many types of pain and diseases. The aim of chiropractic manipulation aid to correct misaligned spine.

Once an orthopedist recommended surgery on the neck and knee for a patient in her mid-forties. She was hit by a van resulting in a severe back, neck and leg injuries with serious pain that will not go. In other to avoid surgery she allowed a chipropractor adjust her spine instead.

After the chiprotractic spinnal manipulations the patient said of all treatment it was the chiropractic that helped her most with the pain, she said before the chiropratic sessions the pain was so bad that she could not walk or sit.

In America Chiropractors are the third largest group of health practitioners, behind medical doctors and dentists. Chiroprators treat mostly muscular and skeletal problems such as head, neck and back pain and menstrual cramps.

The service of a chiropractor is now widely used especially in America where over 20 million people visit chiroprator yearly primarily for back pain, neck pain and headachs.

Most Insurance plans including medicare and many state medicaid programs, cover chipropractic care. A significant body of research, in fact, confirms that spinal manipulation can help alleviate lower back pain.

You should not go for manipulation if you have had symptions of a stroke or blood clot or have a condition that causes bone softening such as cancer or infection that have spread to the bone, severe osteoporosis or severe rhematoid arthritis.

You need five to ten treatments to determine if it is effecive for your condition or not.

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