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Heartburn: Post Covid 19 Upsurge And Treatment

NewsUSA After a year like no other, we are beginning to see glimpses of a return to our pre-pandemic lives. Public health guidance and scientific […]

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What You Need To Know About Garlic As A Tonic

A tonic is any herb that restores and strengthens the entire body, restoring normal tone, stimulating digestion, improving the immune system, and increasing energy, vigor […]

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Sesame Chicken Rice Bowl — A Perfect Diabetes-Friendly Recipe To Try Now

Looking for a delicious well-balanced meal to serve for your dinner? Check out this sesame rice bowl. It’s rich in protein, high in complex carbs, and […]

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High Blood Pressure, Can Lifestyle Change Heal You?

Today high blood pressure to many people has become more than just a chronic complaint, it is more of a lifestyle; a lifestyle dependent upon […]

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Healthy And Palatable Diabetic Recipes – Part 1

Diabetes recipes should be just as interesting and palatable as any other type of recipe! There is no reason why diabetic meal should taste flat […]

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Our Body’s Natural Daily Rhythm Cycle

There are biological rhythms within the body that dictate periods of tissue repair, tissue growth, waste elimination. Healing occurs in cycles. Some days the body […]

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The Hallelujah Diet

THE HALLELUJAH DIET The Hallelujah Diet is the best diet and lifestyle I know to deal with Diabetes, Cancer, Fibroid, Hypertension, Arthritis, and other debilitating […]

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Protein powder shake

Five Ways To Serve Protein Powder

Protein powder is something that many people shun because they believe they either don’t need it or because they think it tastes like chalk. Well, […]

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Amazing Foods

10 Amazing Foods That Heal Diseases

Amazing Food #1. Ewedu Jute leaves (called ewedu among the Yoruba and rama among the Hausa) are used as a food source in many parts […]

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Food safety

What You Need To Know About Food Safety

Elaborate cooking are a great way to entertain family and friends during celebrations. There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly grilled food. However, preparing […]

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Cayenne Pepper

How Cayenne Pepper Can Stop a Heart Attack Immediately

CAYENNE PEPPER OR CHILE PEPPER- Capsicum annuum When a dull dish is spiced with hot cayenne peppers its brought to life, warm the mind and […]

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Brain Food Profile: Salmon

So glad to have you joining me here today. I’m going to talk today about a food that I know many of you eat and […]

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The Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

Hornest Disclaimer This page contains affiliate links. These links help us keep content like this free. Thank you if you use our links we really […]

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Healthy Foods One of life’s miracle meals is sprouts recognized as dietary superstars, Sprouts have been grown by way of many civilizations over the previous […]

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